ebook cover-webEliza Ross isn’t who people think she is. In fact, Eliza Ross isn’t who she thinks she is.

The old saying is that the truth will set you free, but there are some things more compelling than truth. Eliza Ross finds those things in Dmitri Markov, a man sent to plague her–or so she thinks.

I’ll have to try to write this carefully to avoid spoilers, because I know readers will want to experience this book the same way I did. What I will say is that Lianne Miller handles this genre very well, allowing the reader to see the world through the confused eyes of an unreliable narrator and without the intrusive framework that many authors insert into this particular type of story. In this case, Miller’s deft handling makes it all work, and as Eliza learns more about herself, so do the readers.

Hospitalized with an unusual medical condition, protagonist Eliza questions her ability to function and make sense of the world around her, but she knows something isn’t right. She is correct, and it will take time for her, and the reader, to peel back the layers of intrigue about what’s really going on, and who the people around her truly are.

The pacing of this story is strong, and as to the mystery, the reader is left guessing, knowing, certain, and then … Well, why don’t you see if you figure it out, too? ;-)

I cannot wait until Book Two comes out!

Want to read Artifice – Nights of Shadow on your Kindle? (Trust me, you do!) Get it here, or read the book blurb below.

Eliza Ross believes she is living an isolated life in Montana without family or friends. Then a mysterious stalker turns her world upside down. The cops think she is crazy, but the medical doctors soon discover that Eliza isn’t normal—and they are determined to find out why.

Dmitri Markov is a Druzhina who knows everything about Eliza, but his mission is to make her forget. He will do whatever it takes to keep her alive and deliver her to Shashenka Belyakov. Other elite Druzhinas are sent to assist Dmitri in recovering her from the hospital. They will not fail.

An unlikely friendship with a mortal enemy only deepens the mystery, putting Eliza on a collision course with Dmitri and immersing her in a shadow realm where nothing is what it seems. As the truth unravels, Eliza learns that she must destroy the one responsible for enslaving her, or she’ll never be free—but as she races into the unknown, she unwittingly sends Dmitri into a downward spiral that may doom them both.


Book Review: Artifice – Nights of Shadow (Book One), by Lianne Miller — 2 Comments

  1. Having been bleesed as a Beta reader reader for this book, I can tell you that every word in the review is accurate. Lianne Miller has an uncanny ability to tell a great story and still utilize flow and symmetry. It is amazing how she can give you that feeling that you are there in the story and are actually each of the characters. You will think you have the story figured out, but think again…there is more to come.

  2. Thank you Banger for a wonderful review! You did a great job avoiding the spoilers, and your critique of my writing is well appreciated. I’m looking forward to readers discovering this book and enjoying the story. I will let you know when I have Vendetta (book two) ready for review.

    Thank you Mark Cain for the comment on this review. Your critical feedback and support for this novel as a beta reader has meant a lot to me. I hope to have Vendetta finished and in the hands of my beta readers soon.

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