grounded_blue coverDaydreaming of the dragon he singlehandedly killed, Trilium Bishop is finally returning home for good, when suddenly the aircraft carrying both his knights and their families is routed off course and Trilium is forced into a deathly path that leads far from home…

When Trilium Bishop turned twenty-one and was sworn in as Master of Dena, he made his first executive decision – to leave the planet. Gathering his brother, Kalin and fellow knights, he made his way across the galaxy administering diplomacy and judgment upon various societies. To the Council of the Old he left behind instructions that his youngest sibling, Titus, should rule in his place once he is “of suitable age”. The Council in turn opted to wait indefinitely on making this ruling.

For Titus, a student of the order with the hereditary “gift” of being able to read minds, came the understanding that none, including his father the Old Master, deemed him “suitable”. As time passed, Titus’ resentment grew and he conspired with others to stage a coup d’état but in secret, he devised a plan far worse than betrayal.


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